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Episode 129 Jon Wilkins/Matt Wayman aka The Comedy Kennel. They Let The Dogs Out

So the weather is getting warmer and the nights are getting longer, but are the comics getting funnier? That's for you to judge. Feel free to judge Jon Wilkins and Matt Wayman who stopped by Kinga's Lounge to talk about their podcast and great cause The Comedy Kennel.

I hate to do this to you guys again but that nasty real life real job thing has reared its ugly head. With that said I do not have the time to add all the funny pics and silly jokes to this post. Forgiveness is asked.
Here's the decidedly non dog rescue stories we talked about;

Elderly Florida woman's body thrown into dumpster after suicide because the receptionist at the housing community thought it was a mannequin.

Police in Michigan town looking for person dubbed "mystery pooper" who is defecating on playground slides.

3 year old suspended from San Antonio pre-school for saying the "s" word.

Now I'm not really a dog person, that is to say I have children and don't need another thing to try and keep alive. But I do admire what Jon and Matt are doing here. I think the combination of comedy with dog rescue is interesting. The podcast is called The Comedy Kennel and the website is Also you can follow them on Twitter here. Or like their Facebook here.

                                  Rick DeSimone, Matt Wayman, Jon Wilkins, Michael Powell. We look down on you.

Now as for Matt Wayman you remember him from episode 123. But just in case you missed it you can check out his open mic at the Blue Bonnet restaurant on Monday nights. Check out his great tweets here. Or see what mischief he's up to on Facebook here.

Jon is also part of the whole media de social as well. Check him out on his twitter here. Or his Facebook here. Also see what he has to say on his blog

Don't forget to check our shit out too,

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And hey what do you say you send us an email. We promise to be nice.

Your sex is on fire,


This podcast contains explicit content | Download | Duration: 01:05:34

Episode 128 Meghan DePonceau Socks Are Expensive

Now before you get all bent out of shape or pissy about not posting for a few weeks let me remind you of two things. One, we all have real jobs and real lives and real responsibilities. Second, IT COST US MONEY TO DO THIS AND YOU ARE GETTING IT FOR FREE! So sit back, shut up, and enjoy the show.

This week we have the funny and saucy Meghan DePonceau in the comedy dungeon at Kinga's Lounge. Here's what we tossed around;

Utah mom finds shirts sold at PacSun store in the mall to be offensive sexually so she bought them all. Please God let her find our unlimited supply of I Love DP shirts!

                      How dare you try and peddle something I personally find offensive. BTW have you ever heard of Jesus?

Georgian teen spends $25,000 of $31,000 accidentally deposited into his account. In an unrelated story bank seeks teller position.
                                                     ATM actually stands for Another Time Maybe

Indiana man found by police passed out at the wheel of his car, wearing only one sock and his pants as a shirt. I've got my Halloween costume for this year!
                                                              You ain't got nothin' on me son

 So to tickle your funny bone after a few weeks off we had the lovely and super funny Meghan DePonceau come on the show. What a treat!

So after her family was murdered by a drug cartel Meghan fled Buffalo NY to train in the ways of the assassin in Denver in order to exact revenge on the family that took the lives of her own. Or she just loves mountains. Either way, she's here and we love her! She's still getting her name known in our fair city but shows are sure to coming up soon. Get to know this lady! Follow here on twitter @MegSo or quietly stalk her on Facebook here.

If you get a chance she does run the open mic at Scruffy Murphy's on Wednesday nights at 9pm, 2030 Larimer st. Go there son.

Hey look! We have a twitter too. @TheComedyBuffet

And a Facebook page here that needs you to like it or it will hang itself.

Drop us an  email and we will undoubtedly talk about your mom

I've got sunshine in a bag,


This podcast contains explicit content | Download | Duration: 01:11:06

Episode 126 Chris Charpentier And His Mustache Of Truth

Don't worry folks, we haven't forgotten about you. We just had a small technical glitch in which we were unable to add the podcast to the post. You know the most essential part of our little corner of the internet here.

Also we were a bit off this week as we are still dealing with the passing of our beloved Lori Callahan. A Denver comedy icon that touched our lives, and the lives of nearly every Denver comic, in a very profound way. If you ever had the pleasure of seeing her live or meeting her you will undoubtedly know our pain. We miss you deeply Lori. You are easily the kindest person I personally have ever met.

Our guest this week is the incredibly smart and funny Chris Charpentier. A founding member of the Fine Gentleman's Club and owner of one of the best mustaches in Denver.

Here's what we tossed around this week;

A 72 year old substitute music teacher in Connecticut gets caught masturbating in hall of high school. You can't beat kids in school any more but you can sure as hell beat yourself, just not in the hall.
                                                                 Hi. Remember me?

Japanese tourists lead Utah Sate Patrol on chase because they were confused by the lights and sirens. Of all the things to be confused about in Utah.
                                                    Maybe they thought it was a Decepticon.

Key West man gets busted with cocaine. His defense was he thought it was legal in the state of Florida. Everything is, until you get caught.

                                                   Like I thought Scooby snacks were legal man.

We are now officially half way through the Fine Gentleman's Club. Stay tuned for the next 2 episodes when we finish off our new found affection with these funny men.
             Mac Ellis, Michael Powell, Rick DeSimone, and Chris Charpentier trying to pretend Mac isn't so white that he emits light.

I'm not even sure where to start singing the praises of Chris Charpentier. He's obviously incredibly funny as he proves on this episode. He helped create one of the greatest comedy groups in Denver. He has what can only be described as a bitchin mustache. And is still the nicest guy. Here is a video we talk about in the interview segment that he did a few years back. Just raw, unadulterated funny.


So please please go check out Too Much Fun every Wednesday night at the Deer Pile above City O City on 13th and Sherman 10pm. Also check out Chris's new website for all things Charpie. Follow him on Titter here. See what he's up to on Facebook here.

As always feel free to leave a comment here or drop an old fashioned email thingy

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We are 138,


This podcast contains explicit content | Download | Duration: 01:03:59

Episode 125 Nancy Fingerhood Is ABSOLUTELY On This One

What do you get when you mix a never been on the show before quest with a host who had nothing prepared for the show with a fill in host? If you said episode 125 then you are a super smarty pants my friend.

Real quick while I have your attention, I made a promise that I broke and feel real shitty about it. Here is my attempt at making amends. GO TO THIS SHOW!

My new bestest buddy James Gold a member of The Middle Agers is putting on this One-liner show at the Voodoo Playhouse. If you're a fan of fun and giggles and such you will go to this. The inaugural show is Feb 28th and will run from there the last Friday of the month. If you see James at the show he loves thumb wrestling. But only if you don't make eye contact.

This episode we have Nancy Fingerhood on along with our favorite fill in Jason Wardell. Remember folks whenever there is a conflict between NASCAR and the podcast Mac will always choose wisely.

As always if you have nothing better to do with your life you can always scoot your butt on down to Kinga's Lounge on Colfax & Marion to check out our podcast. Not to mention the glorious open mic after our show. What else are you going to do on a Sunday night eh?

Here's the silly silliness that we chat about this week;

California Girl Scout sells cookies outside of
marijuana dispensary. Only way to make this better is if she was a Brownie instead.
                                                 Thin Mint special Cush edition.

Florida teacher faces no criminal charges in case of being
too drunk to teach. With todays kids I would argue not drunk enough to teach.
                                        Once again The Simpsons proves to be prophetic.

Iowa man uses forklift to retrieve Twix from vending machine and is shocked to be fired for this. In his defense the name of the fork lift was exact change.

                                I've waited my whole life for this moment. I'm making the most out of it.

So despite a massive technical issue and a few issues with tardiness we managed to pull off a podcast this week making Nancy Fingerhood's babysitter earn her money.

        Jason Wardell, Rick DeSimone, Roger Norquist, Michael Powell, and Nancy Fingerhood posing for your pleasure.

Nancy is still sort of new to the Denver comedy scene but she's pretty funny. She puts a new perspective on dick jokes guys. Here is a little video she made and we talk about during the interview. Give it watch. Leave a comment. Show some love dammit! You can follow Nancy's show updates on her Facebook page here.


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We go where nobody knows,


This podcast contains explicit content | Download | Duration: 01:03:58

Episode 124 Bobby Crane Making It Rain Up In This Bitch

Bobby Crane y'all! Bobby Bobby Crane y'all! Well if you have somehow decided that this would be the first episode of our show to ever listen to then the podcast gods have smiled upon you my friend. Bobby Crane, 1/4 of The Fine Gentlemen's Club, showed us how it's done. From great jokes, answering our emails, and taking me to task about my questions. It is brilliant.

On top of our regular jokie jokes this week we had a dramatic reading of The Epic Life Of Rick DeSimone by our very own Mac Ellis. This alone I feel we could probably charge for.

Ok 2 things real quick. If you want to come down sometime and see the show live we record every Sunday night 6pm at Kinga's Lounge on Colfax & Marion.
If you, as a comic or venue ever have anything to promote please let us know. We are more than happy to help promote comedy in every capacity.

With that said here's the stories this week;

NYC Strip club ordered to pay back taxes because lap dances deemed not "artistic expression". Like Ben Franklin said "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death & taxes... and blue balls."

                                                            But I'm terrible with math guys.

Wisconsin man banned from internet for 30 months for Craigslist prank. As opposed to all the missed connection posts that are from "real" people.
                                                      You mean I don't have to put MY address!?

Florida man attempts to rob local Radio Shack, then comes back to that very Radio Shack to work his shift. People just don't get work ethic anymore.

                                                   They said we're only relevant in shitty podcast jokes.

So this week we start our deluge into The Fine Gentlemen's Club. Bobby Crane tells us what it's all about and why we should really give a fuck about these very funny boys.

                           Rick DeSimone, Michael Powell, Mac Ellis, and Bobby Crane paying homage to Johnny Cash.

Bobby is not only very funny but very real as well. It is super refreshing to talk about comedy and comics in such an open fashion. If you want to get down with Bobby's funny check out his Facebook page here. Or follow him on Twitter. Hell see his triumphant return to Instagram here.

Don't forget to go like The Fine Gents Facebook page. Also please, for the love of all things holy, go check out their weekly show at The Deer Pile on Wednesday nights.

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No limits just epiphanies,


This podcast contains explicit content | Download | Duration: 01:19:33

Episode 123 Matt Wayman, He's Doin It Guys

Another podcast, another week to upload it. Laziness is my crutch but it's so fun. This week joining us in the Kinga's Lounge Comedy Dungeon we had Matt Wayman.

Besides our exceptional take on the Olympics, here's what we chat about in this episode;

Minnesota ice fishermen get beer delivery by drones grounded by FAA. Bad drones, go to your rooms.

                                            If we drift any further that drone won't be able to find us.

Syrian immigrant set to open restaurant in Detroit called "The Bomb". Because his first idea of "Allah You Can Eat" was in poor taste. 
                                                         Watch out now, that plate is very hot.

Police in Maine responding to screams thought to be a domestic violence case found pigs having sex. Just the run of the mill consensual swine sex.  
                                             You do known there's a reason they call it porking right?

So we were able to get Matt Wayman rescheduled and man was it worth it. I'm not one to brag, but, this was a pretty funny show. As we are known to do sometimes we forgot to get a pic with Matt so here is a random photo from my computer.

                                          Matt Wayman and Michael Powell share a smoke break circa 1935.

If after listening to Matt on this episode and you're not convinced he's a funny funny man then you have no funny bone. To keep up with him and all his goings on feel free to stalk him on Twitter here. Or see what he's up to on Facebook here. Don't forget to check out the open mic he runs every Monday 7pm at the Blue Bonnet 457 S. Broadway.

As always Follow us on Twitter

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Spillin drinks on my settee,


This podcast contains explicit content | Download | Duration: 01:07:42

Episode 122 Tim Messenger Makes Us Laugh & Think

Well it's that time of year again where things seem to slow down for us. That coupled with the Denver Broncos playoffs and subsequential Super Bowl appearance has made things difficult for us. With that said here is a show recorded several weeks ago.

Please enjoy our guest on this episode Tim Messenger. He's incredibly smart, very funny, and a bit on the serious side for half of the show. Also our good friend Jason Wardell  fills in for the absent Rick DeSimone.

We will be back to our regular shenanigans starting with the first Sunday in February.

Until then please check out Tim's website for show updates.

Also check out his Twitter here for more info and general funniness.

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You took me to hell & back,


This podcast contains explicit content | Download | Duration: 00:59:56

Episode 121 Mitch Jones Larger Than Life

Another day, another podcast. And this week we have a TCB virgin! Yes ladies I called Mitch Jones a virgin. I hope he doesn't read this. Anyway, if you need a break from all that football, give this episode a chance. You'll thank yourself for it.

Don't forget to come on down to Kinga's Lounge and say hi. Every Sunday at 6pm we record the show. Then stick around and watch some of Denver's funniest tell some jokes at 8pm. It's a hoot.

Here be the stories this week;

Kraft Foods says a Velveeta shortage imminent. So is death, but where's all the hoopla about that?
                                        THERE'S NOT GOING TO BE ANY QUESO AT THE PARTY!?
Satanists want to put statue of their leader at state capital building in Oklahoma. But they have rules about using the copy written image of Justin Bieber. HIYO!

                                              Well quite frankly we don't see what all the fuss is about.

California man's attempted bank robbery foiled by poor penmanship. Probably better anyway, my guess is he sucks at math too.

                                       Luk, this iz guna be reel eesy. All da monay goze inta my bag. OK?

So other than being asked for his autograph outside of dive bars on Colfax Mitch likes to hoard golden eggs and hang out with his blue ox. Oh and he tells funnies as well.

          Mac Ellis, Mitch Jones, Michael Powell, & Rick DeSimone hoping the drunk taking the pic doesn't run off with the camera.

I know I joke, but this man is huge. He shook my hand and I cried. All that aside Mitch is a very funny young man. He not only does his own thing, he also works with a few other funny fucks from Northern Colorado in a group called The Four Horsemen. We've had most of them on the show individually. Someday we may get them on as a group. God help us.

Check out Mitch's Facebook page here. Or stalk him on Twitter here. Or hell check out the Four Horsemen page here. All of these are great ways to find out when Mitch needs bail money.

Like our Facebook page or die.

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I wanna fall in love with the stars in your eyes,


This podcast contains explicit content | Download | Duration: 01:00:29

Episode 120 Josh Skillman Has Sexy Socks

Even through the bitter cold and falling snow we still managed a podcast. Because we love you people. And it is a bar after all. Nevertheless Josh Skillman makes another appearance on the ol' show and it was swell as always.

You want to experience that swell feeling yourself? Get yer booty on down to Kinga's Lounge 1509 Marion St in Denver. Sundays at 6 we do the show. In the basement. Of a bar. On Colfax. It's better than I'm painting it out to be.

Here's what we chuckled abouts this week;

Oregon man fights off 15 cops while high on meth, and masturbating. Who says men can't multitask?

                                                            Well, I guess I'll just masturbate then.

Brewery in Missouri told by lawyers from Starbucks to stop using the name Frappicino. Starbucks also wants them to take down the OPEN sign.

                                            But your honor, how will my client Starbucks be able to survive?

Memphis grandma calls 911 trying to get beer. If that's not an emergency people I don't know what is.

                  No dear, I haven't fallen and can't get up. I want a 6er of Old Milwaukee and a pack of Camel Straights delivered.

What can I say about Josh that you haven't already learned from previous episodes? His hair is longer.

             Rick DeSimone Josh Skillman, Steve Vanderploeg, and Michael Powell.These guys are always fuckin up my selfies.

On this episode we learn that our dear friend Josh is planning a return to the comedy stage. A proposition I am down with. Check out his Facebook here and follow him on Twitter here to catch the latest updates. Not just with his comedy career but his awful job and crippling video game addiction.

Book our faces here.

Follow us on Tweeterer.

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Spilling drinks on my settee,


This podcast contains explicit content | Download | Duration: 01:10:38

Episode 119 Dick Black Don't Call It A Comeback

You know that feeling you get when you know you're suppose to do something but just can't seem to find the time or the gumption? Or how your damn kids always want to use your laptop for homework or play Curious George games? Both of those are reasons I'm going with for why this episode took so long to post.

Be that as it may our  guest this episode is Dick Black. It was brilliant. Give it a listen.

Remember you too can be at our podcast. Every Sunday, 6pm down in the basement bar at Kinga's Lounge. Come on in and shower us with love. We are fragile and needy.

Here's what we chat about this week;

Seattle car dealership pays out $420,000 in a promotion based on the Seahawks winning a game. It's not the 80's guys.
                               So if we buy today AND the Raiders lose we get nothing because hey, it's Oakland?

Real estate agents in New Jersey use home they are trying to sell as sex pad. The housing market blows, why not the realtors? BOOM!
                                 Congratulations! And here's your coupon for the steam cleaning we discussed.

Florida man tries to trade live 4ft alligator for a 12 pack of beer. If it was bigger he might have tried for a keg. 
                                          I have no joke here. Just wanted to finally use this pic of Mac's dad.

There are some people in this world that are just cool and loads of fun to be around. Dick Black is one of those people. I can say this because he's not a woman and I am an excellent judge of character.

So here's the deal. Dick only has a Facebook page right now. That's about the best way to follow what he's doing. I would strongly suggest friending him and see when he has a show. Go to one of his shows and buy his CD. In this podcast he talks of his plans for 2014 and I guarantee you will be saying I knew him when. So check out his Facebook page here.

You know the drill,

Our Facebook page go like it.

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Our email go leave a message. Or leave one here, what do I care?

We are far to young and clever,


This podcast contains explicit content | Download | Duration: 01:11:40